Customer Experience (CX)

BORN Group leverages customer experience design as a key differentiator in commerce. As an agency and consultancy for world-class brands, its mastery is something we consider essential in the new digital economy.

The best experiences are based on stories that immerse customers in your brand.

Customer experience (Cx) is the impression your brand leaves on your customers. It is the end result of every interaction they have with you–from discovering your offering to making a purchase. Customers’ future interactions with your brand are directly related to their experience, so it is imperative their journey is as frictionless and delightful as possible.

Through customer journey consulting, we evaluate the entirety of your customer’s interactions and consider each touchpoint to create a consistently seamless experience. By connecting creative, content, and commerce together, we forge transformative, user-centric digital journeys that constantly improve customer experience. 



As a customer experience agency, our solutions unlock paths to meaningful, lasting impressions on your customers.

Strategy & Consulting
Market positioning & vision setting, roadmap creation, product launch planning.
Cx Value Realization
Experience performance modeling, business casing & transformation, Net Promoter Score (NPS) measurement and CRO, analytics strategy.
Product & Service Design
User research & testing, behavioral profiling, service blueprint creation, user journey mapping, prototyping, brand & tone of voice development, concept visualization & interface design.
Predictive AI & Automated Actions
Personalization modeling, customer behavior pattern, trend analysis, reactive cross-channel action streamlining.
Customer Experience Management
Customer acquisition, loyalty & retention, cost to serve efficiencies.


Creating unique journeys for customers in a borderless world.

We immerse ourselves in your brand, understanding every user’s journey from awareness to advocacy.



Content is the magnet that captivates audiences and brings them closer to your brand.

We focus on developing a full end-to-end content solution from strategy to production.



Building intuitive, useful, and accessible eCommerce solutions that power the transaction.

We provide best-in-class eCommerce solutions flexible enough to meet customer demands of personalized and seamless user experience.


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