Data Science & Experience (Dx)

BORN Group is an agency and consulting firm leveraging data science and intelligence across entire organizations to accelerate performance.

We enable enterprises to redesign, reimagine, and reinvent.

Extracting information from a Book of Record (Br) and using it to create better experiences completes the Attract (securing an audience), Interact (working with them), Transact (moving them down the path to purchase), and React (accepting their feedback on the experience) cycle.

Using property algorithms throughout this cycle, our Data Science practice and consulting agency enables brands to leverage actionable insights and intelligence that inform strategic decisions and drive meaningful value. We specialize in enabling enterprises to redesign, reimagine, and reinvent their business processes using advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.

  • Future-Ready Enterprise

Human-Centered AI & Analytics

As the world shifts to depend on algorithms and data, we focus on implementing human-focused artificial intelligence and maching learning models. Not only does this allow for greater learning, decision-making, and innovation, it empowers organizations to continuously deliver bold new experiences.

With deep expertise in AI & Data, the combination of our expert team and powerful technology suite enables clients to transform their data into new ways of delivering value.

Whether using robotics and cognitive automation to handle routine back-office tasks or building AI-powered offerings for inventory management, our Dx capabilities allow organizations across all markets to transform into human-centered intelligent enterprises.

Our Dx capabilities change the way we live.

People of Interest (POI) Implementation

Our POI implementation allows POI to be rapidly identified in public places such as malls, railway stations, bus stations, sports arenas, airports, and markets. Featuring real-time cognitive processing of video streams from multiple surveillance cameras, highly accurate identification of numerous faces in a single frame, real-time alerts, and the creation of diverse watch-lists of potential threats and POI movements, this implementation has drastically reduced response times while mitigating the risk of danger.

How We Transform

Data Mining & Deep Learning Execution

We explore, analyze, and predict outcomes from large data sets and use advanced machine learning to optimize and evolve both discrete and connected parts of a journey.

Website & Data Analytics

We combine quantitative and qualitative analytics to leverage behavioral insights, enabling organizations to customize their experience to customer needs.

Recommendation & Personalization Modeling

We bring together business and 3rd party data to create AI models that recommend and personalize at scale.

Information Extraction & Classification

We extract and analyze 1st party data and segment customers into statistically significant groups, allowing for optimal expenditures and ultimately greater market share.

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Post-Production Services

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